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CGM Cemetery Preservation Foundation

Honoring and Preserving the Burial Sites of West Indian Panama Canal  Builders and Workers


Who We Are

The Corozal, Gatun, Mt Hope Cemetery
Preservation Foundation (CGM) is a
non-profit  organization  formed  by  proud descendants  of  the  Antillean  diggers  and workers
of the Panama Canal and supporters.
We aspire to ensure the ongoing consistent maintenance; restoration and preservation of their final
resting places by
engaging widespread community action as
well as the involvement of government entities to include, the Instituto Nacional de Cultura (INAC)
and the Autoridad del
Canal de Panamá (ACP).


CGM Activities

Make a difference

The cemeteries in the former Canal Zone territories where Panamanians of West Indian descent are buried have been woefully neglected for years.  These are the final resting places for the workers and builders of the canal and their families.  What should be a place where families come to pay tribute has turned into a deplorable domicile unfitting of the legacy these workers deserve.

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Cemetery Clean Up

Gorgas Mortuary Death Records

Panama Canal Construction (PCC) Employment Records

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